New Video Out: Real Estate Investing
The 1031 Opportunity


Real Estate Investing
The 1031 Exchange Transaction Opportunity

Join Bryan Lichau of Osprey Accounting Services and Marie Pettie of Safe Harbor Property Management as they discuss Real Estate Investing and the 1031 Exchange Opportunity. What is it and what is required to create a successful 1031 transaction?

Listen and learn how 1031 Exchange Transactions are defined and structured. Also, learn how they create investor savings and defer taxes. Additionally, learn how a 1031 transaction allows an investor to gain a larger property asset without tax ramifications. If this sounds too good to be true, watch this video to learn more!

Give Bryan a call if you have any questions about investing in Real Estate and the financial implications of a 1031 Exchange Transaction. He has experience with this complex process and can advise you on how to take full advantage of this type of transaction.