Why Participate in Tax Planning?


Death and taxes. With tax planning, we can postpone, or at least mitigate, the negative impact of both.

Most of my clients come to me because they are ready to be done with doing their own taxes. They are experts in their field and have decided that they should turn taxes over to someone who is an expert in the tax field.

After we finish preparing their taxes for the first time, I look at them and want to talk about tax planning for the following year. This is when confusion may set in. For many people, planning for next year’s taxes is like writing your eulogy decades in advance.

Reasons for Tax Planning For Next Year

There are many reasons to let me help you plan for your next tax year. Here are a few.

  1. You can lower your tax bill.

This reason should be reason enough. But failing to plan is planning to fail. A little bit of time today usually can lower your tax bill next April. As a tax professional, I spend my week talking with colleagues, reading articles, and educating myself on all the ways people can pay their taxes but not pay too much in taxes.

This fact is especially true if you are going through a life change, have a business, need to make a significant purchase, are paying tuition, or have a major financial change. My goal is to save clients WAY more tax than the planning process costs them.

  1. You can exploit new tax laws and rules.

Everyone has to pay taxes, but no one relishes writing the check. Every year there are some new laws or which most people never hear. I do. Before these laws take effect, my colleagues and I are hard at work figuring out which changes will benefit our clients

  1. You can lower your tax-anxiety.

Partnering with me and my team will empower you not to get anxious every tax season. I know the ‘last minute’ is the only minute most people are productive, but I can help with that. Knowing my team and I are working on your behalf will help you enjoy your Spring even more.

Tax planning will lower your stress, help you maximize applicable changes, and ultimately save you on your tax bill. To me, those seem like three great reasons.

But when it comes to delaying death, I’m sorry but you’ll have to exercise and eat better on your own. Sadly, no one has figured out how to outsource that reality.

Give us a call and we can talk about your situation and get working on your behalf.

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